What's in My Head?

May 06, 2018

"What's in My Head?" Or, as most bloggers might refer to this type of post, "About Me".

These things always start awkwardly, I know because I've had my fair share of experience in blogging before, but I've come to learn that context is actually very important and to not provide it would be a mistake.

As I noted, I've definitely had my experience with blogs. I started off with blogging back when everything had a gradient overlay, in 2012, as a way to promote my deviantART account -- because creating generic artwork that generated false popularity was all I really cared about when I was 13. I would kid myself that I had started the blog as "a platform to express myself" but really I was creating content that "got me views" and, to be fair, it did get me views. I had started a blog which was growing steadily and suddenly I started to hate it. There's some part of me that insists on getting bored easily, maybe. Or maybe I just grow out of things and onto the next quickly. Regardless, I decided to ditch my first blog which I had grown lovingly for two years and started a new one. Different branding, different content.

My second blog was a little bit more about me. I was 15 and I was finding my voice. My blog posts were wordy and I dropped the "how-to" and "top tips" posts and started writing about my thoughts and opinions in a more poignant way. But 15 is a busy age and over the years my posts grew sparse until they stopped dead. In the time that my blog grew stagnant I had started to develop an interest in photography. Maybe that's what really killed it. That or the ever-growing rise of social media.

Take a few steps back.

The whole blogging thing had started with art. I had started to promote the art that 13 year old me was making -- most likely terrible sketches and pixel art, if I can recall -- and as I grew up blogging I started to understand the power of visuals in marketing. I started to brand my blog; I created logos, blog graphics and Pinterest pins to promote it and taught myself the fundamental principles of design. It was going well but I could see that most blog posts used photography in their design work and it was setting my graphics apart. I suppose I could have utilised stock photography but I was hesitant as I didn't want to have to deal with credit and copyright issues; I wanted to make something myself. It was around then that I picked up a camera.

I had always had an interest in photography. I had followed photographers such as Paolo Raeli, who I still adore to this day, and found the desire to create images that captured memories to be overwhelming. I liked dark, moody tones and photographs that depicted the concept youth -- whether realistically or stereotypically -- and that's also a concept that I wrote about often. Which makes sense, really, having been born in '99. I was fascinated by the way that photographs could glamourise a moment and I wanted to capture just that.

"Please take pictures of your friends. take pictures of your friends when they laugh, and when they are happy. And when they are sad, too. Take pictures of them partying, studying, eating, or sleeping in your bed. Take pictures of their new hair color, or new shoes, take pictures of them while they roll their first cigarette, and take pictures of their last, when they quit smoking. take pictures of your friends just being themselves. Tell them they are beautiful all the time you think it. They may dislike these pictures now. but one day, very very far from this year, they will be thankful." Paolo Raeli

Emily and Andrew, August 2016

So you could say that the reason I got into photography, or one of the reasons, started with blogging and whereby it becomes natural that I am now starting another blog and I've started it by talking about photos. Has it come full circle?

Here's to a new platform and more honest, more "me" content.

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  1. Hi! I feel you about the blogging part. Honestly, I'm still at this stage of 'trying and figuring out' . I've had few blogs previously but ending up deleting it as I had no solid theme. But, the 'blogging crave' tends to appear and disappear every now and then because at times, I kinda wanna share something worth to be shared with to the internet and everyone else but sharing it through twitter, facebook or instagram doesn't seem to do much of a justice so through blogging would be more preferable. But, for now, I'm just figuring if blogging will be a 'thing' for me long-term or otherwise.

    Much love <3

    Naqibah | https://babblyandbubbly.blogspot.com

    1. Absolutely agree. I think a 'crave' is a perfect term for what it is. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. As someone who has followed all three of your blogs, and enjoyed reading all of them as they developed, I'm glad to hear that you have found happiness in your photography and have re-found happiness in blogging again.

    Looking forward to reading more on a new platform, and reading more honest, more 'you' content.

    - A


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