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May 17, 2018

If you read any of my previous posts, you might have stumbled across this one where I spoke briefly about how I'd owned blogs before. A topic that I'd covered almost endlessly on said blogs was the concept of society. Social constructs, politics and society as a generic form is something that has always piqued my interest.

The idea that society has the power to shape us, perhaps against our will, is something that fascinates me. The things and experiences that you are exposed to and the social constructs and conformities that we live by have the power to alter our mindsets and whereby moulds our personalities. It is something that none of us can escape from, as running from it would itself be a consequence of society.

Previously I have explored the idea of the hypocrisy of society. Collectively, most of the people I meet in my life would agree that the concept of society that we live by is corrupt and doesn't work, yet we are the very being that makes up society. I was baffled by this concept -- we blame society, but we are society, so why aren't we doing anything about it? I wondered why we weren't using our collective intelligence to move forward and instead we seemed to be leaping backwards; things were getting worse, society was getting more constrictive. I didn't understand the seemingly passive nature of our society which was screaming for change.

Since then, I've met a lot of people and experienced a lot more. The world has changed, too, which is no surprise given the current unpredictable and vastly moving social climate which we are living in. I now realise that the fraction of society that does believe that society is corrupt -- whether this fraction be the majority, as I had thought, or just a reflection of the echo-chamber that I live in -- aren't passive at all. It isn't an issue of people not actively fighting for change, it's an issue of power and of money and an issue far greater than I had ever before considered, let alone been able to fathom.

Activism is ripe and people are taking to the streets day and night, peacefully and not so peacefully, and change is definitely happening but the frustration is that not enough change is happening. The people here on the ground are getting the message and being exposed to the real corruption of our society and Government, of our class system and of the system that we are trapped within, but the powers above us (and I'm talking Government/Rupert Murdoch-level) are using their best efforts at thwarting any real progressive movement.

When I first became aware of this sort of corruption I was much younger and people were taking to Downing Street in a peaceful anti-austerity march turned violent after police began to tear-gas protestors. There was a media blackout which stretched over 24 hours to the point where people only knew of the march through social media and, when major media platforms such as the BBC began reporting, the march was downplayed to suggest that only hundreds rather than thousands of people were actively protesting. Since then, I've studied media through school and college and have a deeper understanding of the way the media industry is made up and how power and money that plays a part in what the public is being told. This was also when I first became aware of the public outrage agains the Government. More recently, this has been expressed even more-so and on a much bigger scale, even spreading onto mainstream television with Stormzy's BRIT Awards perfomance, with the anger surrounding the Grenfell Tower fire.

Since honestly believing that I lived amongst a society that complained about itself but did nothing to change it, I've been exposed to real activism and anger across the nation that I hadn't realised before. I've seen evidence of the extents of protest in real communities and I've seen how the media so often plays such an important role in damaging and dampening the effects of such hard work and passion.

I think my change in attitude, although maybe not drastically different, highlights the importance of experience and growing up. Recently a lot of celebrities have been dragged through social media for comments they have made in the past, when they were much younger and much more naive, but people learn and people grow and we must allow them to.

I'm going to learn more in my life time, I'm going to be exposed to more and experience more. My views on this post are likely to change, but as of right now, this is what's going on in my head. I'm aware of this system that we live in which pushes us into certain conformities from the moment we're born and I'm aware that we should fight back, but I'm also aware that it's not as easy as just being passionate about something. It takes passion, dedication, perseverance and influence to make an effective movement, and all of this is happening; all of this is brewing, and maybe a change is going to come.

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